Short inspirational quotes about life and struggles | 2020

Short inspirational quotes about life and struggles | 2020

Short inspirational quotes about life and struggles for self-motivation | 2020

Here are we pic some of the best Short inspirational quotes about life and struggles for self-motivation | 2020. We hope you may like these quotes and please let us which one you like the most

  1. Life is like taking a bus, some people are very relaxed, can enjoy the scenery outside the window;


  1. with wisdom when to correct the deviation, to compassion everywhere to give people convenience.


  1. It’s more important to do the right thing than to do it right.


  1. Time is a great mentor. – Burke


  1. The light point of the fireflies is weak, but the light is to challenge the darkness.


  1. Time is the ability and so on the development of the site. – Marx


  1. The secret of success, in the always unchanged purpose.


  1. As long as you want to plant the seeds of good memories, you can find the virgin land in your heart. Reclamation starts now.


  1. What is failure? Failure is the first step to getting to the better.


  1. Hard work is far more valuable than gold. – Sadie


  1. Life does not sell back and forth tickets, once set off, must not return.


12, genius is the ability to work hard endlessly.


  1. The secret of success in life is to seize it when a good opportunity comes.


  1. The clearest footprints are left on the dirtiest road.


  1. Between the world of life, if the gap between the white, suddenly only. – Zhuang Zhou


  1. The stage of life may be open at any time, the key is that you are willing to perform or choose to avoid it.


  1. A long road, step by step can walk, and then the short road, do not open feet cannot reach.


  1. Self-discipline can help you do what you don’t want to do but have to do.


  1. Waterfall – to run to the river and lake sea, even in the face of the abyss, still whistling forward, never back down.


  1. When I was a child, I felt that my father was not simple, and then I felt that he was not simple, and then I felt that the child was not simple.


  1. Everything to think twice, but more important than thinking about it is to think twice.


  1. Hope is attached to the existence, there is existence, there is hope, there is hope, and is the light. – Lu Xun


  1. I never see comfort and happiness as life itself – this ethical basis, I call it the ideal of the pig barn. Einstein


  1. Life is not deceptive, a person to live a bright and open. – Feng Xuefeng


  1. The great cause is not done by strength and physical activity, but only the strength of character will and knowledge.


  1. What is to show off, what is missing; the so-called normal people, just self-defense are better. True mental health is unguarded and not victimized.


  1. Hard-working bees never have time to grieve. – Blake


  1. Everyone’s life will regret, some people because they did not pay, some people are because there is no treasure.


  1. A person is in the surrounding living environment in the resistance to create success.


  1. Human life like a flood in the flow, do not encounter islands, reefs, it is difficult to stir up beautiful waves.


  1. In the fate of the ups and downs, the most can be seen in people’s spirits. – Shakespeare


  1. Magnificence be appropriate to the self-confident, peacefully belongs to the prepared, miracle be appropriate to the obsessive, success goes to the determined.


  1. Whether the lion or the antelope must run.


  1. Do not walk from the muddy path, you cannot walk the road covered with flowers.


Short inspirational quotes about life and struggles for self-motivation | 2020

Short inspirational quotes about life and struggles for self-motivation


  1. Life doesn’t have to be good all the time, but those struggles can make you stronger, and those changes can make you more intelligent.


  1. The meaning of life, do not care about the changes in the outside world but cares about the inner experience.


  1. Never fall is not glorious, every fall can stand up again, is the greatest glory.


  1. The reality is this shore, the ideal is the other shore, in the interval between the fast-flowing rivers, and the action is a bridge on the river. – Krylov


  1. Failure will not die, but disappointment will.

Short inspirational quotes about life and struggles for self-motivation | 2020

  1. Knowledge gives people weight, achievements give people shine, most people just see the glory, and do not consider the weight.


  1. The willpower of the warrior must be as firm as the reef; the personalities of the warrior have to be as gentle as the wind.


  1. Pressure – on the road to career success, you are the prelude to the decline of the ignorant, but also the aspiring to forge ahead of the prelude.


  1. In the struggle for the cause of the journey, the people with a double-turned-up, although the walk is difficult, as long as there is a heart that can climb to the peak of success.


  1. Only a thousand hard works can become good steel.


  1. Human life is limited, but, to serve the people is unlimited, I want to put limited life into unlimited service to the people. – Lei Feng


  1. Have a wealth of people to pursue a prosperous life, intelligent people to pursue a quality of life.


  1. If you have the courage to start, there is the pride of success.


  1. Spiritual life is very full of people, must be a very ideal person, must be a very noble person, and must be a material master and not a material slave. – Tao Casting


Quotes about life and struggles for self-motivation

  1. Do not breathe out for the years that have been exhausted, we must face the time of passing. – Brecht


  1. Self-righteous lying smart people are often not good. The smartest man in the world is the most honest man because only an honest man can stand the test of facts and history. – Zhou Enlai


  1. If the lack of ground-breaking face and the courage to fight with the wind and snow, the future of the seed is no better than the leaves of a better point.


  1. No matter what to do, as long as willing to strive hard, there is no failure. – Newton


  1. The road will have the end, the night again long will have an end, the rain will also have a stop time.


  1. The lucky god, If you are forgotten, please do not grieve; believe that the sun will one day shine on you.


  1. Time is my property, my land acres is time. – Goethe


  1. Do not be angry to fight, do not see to breakthrough, do not envy to appreciate, do not to be active, and do not move to action.


  1. People must be proud when they are proud, and when they are disappointed, they have to endure the fire.


  1. Life is not a one-way line, a road cannot go, and you can turn.


  1. there is no failure, only temporary failure.


  1. as long as they do not give up efforts and pursuit, grass also has the value of dotting spring.

Inspirational quotes about life  for self-motivation | 2020

  1. Hand outreach out will be caught. The Party and the people are under supervision, and it is difficult to escape.

The words are afraid of catching hands not to reach out, he does not stretch can consciously, in fact, want to stretch dare not stretch, the people at hand self-shrink. – Chen Yi


  1. The sun sometimes loses its contract, but the night comes every day.


  1. As long as you can harvest sweet, thorns in the bush will also have a busy figure of bees.


  1. Abandon today’s people, there will be no tomorrow; John Locke


  1. I succeed because I am determined to succeed!


  1. Great energy is only for great purposes. – Stalin


  1. Successful flowers, people only admire her present bright! However, her buds, soaked in the struggle of the fountain of tears, sprinkled all over the blood and rain of sacrifice.


  1. I determined the value of a man is himself. Rousseau


  1. A courageous attempt is only half the success.


  1. The experience of frustration is too little, so I always take some trivial things very seriously.
Short inspirational quotes  for self-motivation 
  1. Failure is the final test of tenacity.


  1. If the fragile trauma too much, friends, the pursuit is the best medicine to heal your wounds.


  1. Someone more powerful than me is trying to do what reason I do not try to do.


  1. The act does not essentially bring pleasure, but without act, there is no happiness.


  1. Frustration is, in fact, the progress of success due to the tuition fees.


  1. To constantly improve their own ability, in order to benefit themselves and him. Have the ability to do practical things will not after all talk about what good.

The end of the story is always full of return, is the title of the gold list. – Fang Haiquan


  1. Since you recognize a road, why go to inquire about how long to go.


  1. Speculation knowledge is wise, speculation network knowledge is more sensible.


  1. The world has nothing difficult, the only patient, towards, for the key to success.


  1. As long as we can make good use of time, we will never worry about time is not enough. – Goethe

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