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We don’t compromise about our visitor’s privacy, and we believe that is our responsibility to protect our visitor’s privacy. Here the full summary of data and information we are able to receive and what purpose we will use.

How We Apply to Your Data?

In the sort-out of your valuable data, we will follow, Standard of legality, faithfulness, and clearness: We will always necessitate your consent for the processing of your data for one or additional precise determinations that we will notify you in advance with absolute transparency.

The principal of records minimization: We will only request strictly compulsory data concerning the determinations for which we require. The minimum is conceivable.

Principle of restriction of the retention period: the data will be retained for no longer than compulsory for the processing, depending on the determination, we will update you of the conforming preservation period, in the circumstance of subscriptions, we will from time to time analysis our lists and erase those inactive histories for a substantial time.

Principle of honesty and privacy: Your data will be preserved in such a way as to certify adequate security of personal data and assurance and confidentiality. You should be acquainted with that we take all obligatory precautions to avoid illegal access or misappropriation of my users’ data by third parties.

How will I Get Your DATA?

The personal data I process in https://motivationalspeech.online, comes from:

Contact form

  1. Subscription form
  2. Comments on the blog
  3. Registration form

What are your entitle when you place your data?

Every visitor and subscribers have the right to obtain confirmation as to whether https://motivationalspeech.online is processing personal data or not.

This Website Visitors  have the right to: 

ask to access own data relating to the data subject

  1. ask for rectification or deletion
  2. ask for ingesting of your treatment
  3. Opposing treatment
  4. ask for data portability

Data topics may access their records, along with appeal the modification of wrong data or, where suitable, application its removal when, among other explanations, the records is no longer needed for the purposes that were collected. 

In certain situations, the concerned parties may appeal the limitation of the giving out of their data, in which circumstance we will only preserve them for the exercise or defense of privileges.

In certain situations and for explanations related to their actual situation, concerned parties may purpose to the dispensation of their data. https://motivationalspeech.online will stop processing the data, except for convincing legitimate explanations, or the implementation or defense of possible claims. 

Because of the type of information this website collects, the right to data portability cannot be exercised.

Data issues will also have the precise to effective judicial security and to file a objection with the administrative authority, in this case, the Google data security, if they think through that the processing of individual data concerning them violates the Regulations.

For what purpose do we process your Information?

When a user visits this MotivationalSpeech.online, for example, to send an email to the owner, he is providing personal information for which https://motivationalspeech.online is accountable for. 

This data may include visitor’s data such as your IP address, name, email address, and other information. 

By placing this data, the User consents to their data being received, used, run, and set aside by https://motivationalspeech.online only as mention in the Legal Notice and this Privacy Policy.

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In this website, the Information given by interested persons for the following purpose for the system (forms):

Contact form: 

I request the following personal data: First and last name, email, to respond to the requirements of users. 

For example, I will be allowed to use this information to reply to your message 

I want you to know that the data you provide me will be located on the servers of Cloudflare (hosting provider of https://motivationalspeech.online)..

 When will we delete your data?

The data provided by the users will be kept: Until the interested party requests its deletion and if an employment relationship is established until they prescribe fiscally and the interested party himself requests it.

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