5 Motivational Short Stories 2020 | Get Motivation From “King of Birds”|
5 Best motivational Short Stories 2020

5 Motivational Short Stories 2020 | Get Motivation From “King of Birds”|

Here are the 5 best “Motivational Short Stories” 2020, If you are looking for new stories to get inspiration from it? then Congratulation! you are in the right place. Name Of The Stories: 

  • Have the courage to succeed
  • Life sublimates in pain
  • Life requires  honed
  • Stick to your beliefs
  • Correct your mental attitude

1. “Have the courage to succeed”

There was a young man who had not read many books because he was weak, and he went to the city to find a job.

But he found that no one in the town could see him because he didn’t have a diploma.

Just as he decided to leave the city, he suddenly wanted to write a letter to Ross, the famous banker at the time. In the letter, he complained about how unfair fate was to him,

“If you can borrow me some money, it will help me a lot, I would go to college to finish my education and then find a decent job”.

The letter was sent, he has been waiting in the hotel, a few days passed, he used the last penny of his pocket, but also packed the luggage.

Just then, the landlord said there was a letter from Ross, a banker.

But instead of sympathizing with what happened to him, Ross told him a story in the letter.

Ross said: “There is a lot of fish living in the vast ocean, those fish have a herring, but only sharks do not have a gill.” Sharks can’t live without a gill.

Because it is incredibly inconvenient to move, it is easy to sink to the bottom of the water, in the ocean as soon as a stop, will be killed.

To survive, sharks can only keep moving, many years later, the shark has a healthy body, become the most ferocious fish of its kind.

Finally, Ross said, “The city is a vast ocean, with a lot of people with diplomas, but very few successful people.” You’re a fish without a gill…

That night, he lay in bed for a long time unable to sleep, thinking of Ross’s letter. Suddenly, he changed his mind.

The next day, he told the hotel owner that as long as he gave a bowl of rice, he could stay as a waiter and not pay a penny.

The hotelier didn’t believe there was such cheap labor in the world and was happy to leave him.

Ten years later, he had the wealth that was the envy of the whole of America and married the daughter of banker Ross, the oil tycoon Hart.

Motivational Short Storie’s perception:

Life, no matter what the situation, as long as you still have the courage to challenge successfully, you have not failed.

 As long as courage is still there, you are undefeated, you still have the hope of success!

2. Life sublimates in pain

The butterfly’s larvae are spent in a tiny cocoon. When its life is about to take a qualitative leap,

this day of the narrow passage is undoubtedly like a ghost door, that delicate body must make every effort to break out.

Many larvae died as they rushed out to kill and unfortunately became a tragic sacrifice for flying.

Someone had a heart of compassion, trying to repair the larvae’s life passage shorter, so they used scissors to cut the hole.

But in this way, all those butterflies are not real flying elves because of the process.

They can’t fly anyway; they can only drag their wings that have lost their flying function and crawl awkwardly on the ground!

Initially, that “ghost door”-like the narrow hole is precise to help the butterfly larvae wings growth key, through the time,

through the force of squeezing, blood can be smoothly transported to the butterfly wing of the tissue.

Human-made cut the hole, the butterfly’s wings will lose the opportunity to fill the blood,

climbing out of the butterfly will never be able to lift the wings to fly.

The process of growth is like the process of butterfly’s break, in the painful struggle, the will is honed,

the strength is held together, the thoughts are improved, and life is sublimated in pain.

When you come out of your pain, you will find that you have the power to fly.

 If there are no setbacks in life, perhaps like those who have been “helped” butterflies, shrink the wings, mediocrity of life.

Inspirational Storie’s perception:

Life is a process of sub-sharp change. Only through all kinds of torture can we expand the depth of life.

Through time and again with all kinds of torture handshake, experience back and forth of the fight.

Life’s experience will be in the process of accumulating and constantly enriched up.

3. “Stick to your beliefs”

Michael is a young man who likes to play the piano, but when he first came to America,

he had to go to the street to play the violin and sell the art to make money.

Fortunately, Michael, along with a new black violinist, grabbed one of the best money-making places, the door of a commercial bank.

After a while, After Michael made a lot of money, he said goodbye to the black violinist.

because he wanted to go to college, but also want to learn from each other with his classmates.

So Michael devoted all his time and energy to improving his musical literacy and piano skills…

Ten years later, Michael once passed the commercial bank and found that his old friend, the black violinist, was still playing in the “most profitable place”.

When the black violinist saw Michael appear, he asked with joy,

  “Brother, where are you playing now? “, Michael responded the name of a well-known performance hall, but the black violin player replied,

“Is the front of the performance hall a decent place, and is it actually gainful?

Where did he know that Michael, now an internationally renowned musician was invited to perform in famous concert halls rather than playing at the door!

Whether a person has achievements determines whether he has ambition in his youth.

The source of ambition does not necessarily depend on whether he really has the temperament to achieve a career when he was young,

but whether he has the ambition to achieve a great career and a heart that believes he never flinches.

Nietzsche once put his philosophy into one saying: Be yourself. Indeed, success in life is closely related to life’s expectations.

A person who loses expectations of life and self will never succeed.

And a know how to change, the trend of the people, laugh at the setbacks, will eventually embrace the success into the arms.

Motivational Short Storie’s perception:

The heart is the place where your dreams are so that the heart reaches where you want to go first.

Listen to the call of the heart and let it bring you closer to success.

It’s like climbing a mountain that determines whether you can reach the top of the mountain is not your physical fitness, but your faith.

If you believe you can climb to the top, you can; Use your heart as a motivation to jump, and you’ll jump higher.

4. “Life requires  honed.”

According to biologists, the longest lifespan among birds is the eagle, which can last up to 70 years.

But if you want to live that long, you have to make difficult choices at the age of 40.

When the eagle is 40 years old, its claws begin to age, cannot firmly grasp the prey, and its gills will become long and curved,

almost can touch the chest, at the same time, its wings will become very heavy, making it feel hard to fly.

At this stage, it has only two choices, either to wait for death or to go through a very painful process in its life to change and renew, so that it can continue to live.         

It’s a long process, it takes 150 days of hard work, and it has to be hard to reach the top of the mountain, build a nest at the top of the cliff, and then stay there and not fly.    

First of all, all he had to do is to hit the rock with its gills, until the old dragonfly completely fell off.

and then after a long process, quietly waiting for the new pickaxe to grow out,

the eagle then pulled out the old feathers one by one, and so on 150 days later to grow new feathers, this time, the eagle again flies, from then on can be another 30 years.

In general with the eagle, jade can only shine a noble light through the carving of the rough environment,

and the river otter spawns the beautiful pearl only if it experiences the stubborn torture of the gravel.

The same is true of human life. Afraid of grinding, life will always be mediocre and unstring.

Motivational Short Stories perception:

Sludge often blooms the most beautiful, the purest flowers, people only through the fate of carving and grinding can radiate a dazzling light.

In front of the fork in life, if you choose a flat road, you may have a comfortable and enjoyable youth, but you will lose a good opportunity to experience;


5. “Correct your mental attitude”

Fayya came to Canada as an international student from Iran at the age of 17 and did not speak a word of English at the time.

On arrival, the customs officer asked her what was in her luggage, and she did not understand, also cannot say clearly,

the other side was very nervous, out of a lot of advanced equipment to her luggage detection a careful, before daring to open the inspection.

In this way, she set foot on Canadian soil, learning English while taking a computer course at the University of Toronto. 

After graduation, she moved to Kigali with her husband.

In the early 1980s, Kalgali was a small city, and the economy was not good either.

Faya went to work fruitless lying and began writing programs for a private employer.

But six months later she went to her employer’s house to inquire and found that the address had been vacated,

that the work of the past few months had been completely in vain and she didn’t get the salary.

The first job without pay became a knock on the door.

Faya then found a programming job in the company’s computer division and later switched to several companies,

where she became vice president of Bell Canada after years of hard work and experience.

But half a month ago, after more than a decade at Bell, she was asked to step out of the door along with more than 20 other vice presidents in a restructuring.

She confessed that it was a big change in her career. She smiled: finally can take a long vacation, good adjustment of the body and mind.

Speaking of future plans, she sees the change as a new opportunity and challenge to do something she really enjoys.

Motivational Short Stories perception:

There are many uncontrollable factors in our destiny that affect our development, and no matter what stage we reach, new problems arise.

Life is a process of adapting to constant change; the only thing we can control is our own mentality and direction.

Let us know in the comment which motivational Short Stories touch your heart!

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