How To Write Acknowledgement For Your Book?
How To Write Acknowledgement For Your Book

How To Write Acknowledgement For Your Book?

Hello Everyone, In this article Today we’re going to be talking about acknowledgments and how to write your acknowledgments in your book so the first thing that you need to realize is that your acknowledgment is your thank you. 

You are thinking people for encouraging you along your journey, helping you get to your next level, teaching you, inspiring you and motivating you.

So any of those people that are dear to your heart that you give thanks for helping you reach the level that you’re at today.

So the very first part that I want you to do is, I want you to make a list of names of who you might want to acknowledge in your book, for helping you on your journey. Next I want you to put them in an order of importance. This is called executive order.

making list for acknowledgement

So for example, if I was going to thank my best friend, thank my grandmother, thank my dad and thank a neighbor lady.

The neighbor lady might be last on the list my dad might be first my grandma might be second and my best friend might be third, make a priority list

Examples of Priority List

  1. Father
  2. Mother
  3. Brother
  4. Grandfather
  5. Uncle
  6. Best friend
  7. Neighbor lady

Okay, so then there’s different styles that you can write the acknowledgement in so the first option is that you can just list the names, so you can say Doug rare honey for a bass Brian for a bass Jason pro bass print for a bass Leah perk Sarah Cardoni and and 

Just list the names with a comma in between each name and then underneath do one short paragraph one to three sentences maybe three to five at the most then giving the same overall thank you message.

So for an example, you might write something like this thank you to all of you who have mentored me then patient with me loves me unconditionally and encouraged me to become the woman I have become and continued to become and then that’s it.

How to mention father in an acknowledgement letter?

You can thank each person separately so for example you could write dad and then do one two three sentences thinking about your dad.

For an example 

Dad is the man who set this Stage four my life, he wasn’t just my dad but he was and still is my mentor and my coach he went above and beyond what the standard daddy duties are by always having words of wisdom to share with me to help me understand life and reach my full potential I love you dad.”

And then next I would put mom and then write a paragraph to mom thanking her for what part she played and getting me to where I’m at on my journey of success so that’s your second option.

Again make a list of the people that you want to thank, put them in executive order and then decide which style you want to thank them in and once that’s completed your acknowledgments are done alright hope this helps have a great day.

Acknowledgement sample for book publication

You can see some books to see some of the  examples and read the acknowledgement section. Here are some samples of acknowledgement letters.


” First of all, I would like to thank Jolina , who offered me the opportunity to write this book and guided me through the year it took to write it. Thanks also to the great team of Tarry and to Den in particular who was very patient and taught me a lot.

This book would not have been what it is without the input of several people who played an important role during the translation phase and beyond. We would like to thank Trilyne Lrun, who helped us translate the sample chapter and worked with us to define some common translation rules. He also revised several chapters that were in desperate need of extra work. Thanks to Uthon aldwin (by Landy) who translated several chapters for us.

This book was made possible thanks to the many people who led me up to

here. I try to remember them all.

Thanks to my roots, my teachers, my guides: my grandparents, Jhon and

Lartio, Mary and Artilo, and my great-uncles Wacker and Gebrilio.

Through their teachings, their thoughts, their love, through their hands

strong, their culture, their inventions, through their example, their normality, the

ancient and precious world that they passed on to me, I built my shelter, my own

refuge, I have inserted it deep into my heart and return to it whenever I have to

lick my wounds.

Thanks to my parents, Jolina Jo and Martin, who gave me life, they opened their eyes to it and then they taught me everything … even the ability to question their teachings. Thanks also for accompanying me, at every moment, in that extraordinary discovery that is human existence.

Thanks to Pawal partin, precious guide in the construction of the path that you

leads to realize your dreams, for his availability and for his innate, immediate,


Thanks to Jartika for the ancient teachings that I never have forgotten and for confidently throwing me into the shark world, surviving which I understood that I could be myself.

Thanks thanks thanks to Jin , heroic travel companion, who has me

lent his professionalism and generously granted me his friendship.

Thanks to Lina Barbi, Sarnima, Terica Mipa, Antario Loretti, Reza and Elisa Nertuo who walked a part of the way with me.

Thanks to Luca also for having created the travel website. Thanks to Salverico Cutuli and Anna Tinebra for composing the soundtrack of the journey that accompanies the trailer of this experience.

Thanks to Alba for her teachings, her example and her love. Not there I will never forget.

Thanks to Leo, Sabina, Fabio, Stephi, Maurizo, Maria Rosa and Caterina, for

have been there and always be there.

Thanks to my uncles, Giusella and Enrico, for allowing me to use what it is

became my studio for writing this book.

Where does the acknowledgement page go in a book?

There are two places where  An acknowledgement letter is Go and that is

After the title page or Back of the page, if you do not want to give much importance to the text of the dedication, you can also place it in the back-title page (as you can guess, it is the blank page behind the title page).

Here are  some of the Best book acknowledgements, read this article for get ideas to write your acknowledgement letter!


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