How to start a healthy lifestyle from scratch

How to start a healthy lifestyle from scratch

Everyone want to know how to start a healthy lifestyle from scratch and everyone  knows that healthy food is better for you than fast food, snacks, sweets and soft drinks. Everyone knows that enough exercise is better for you than an inactive lifestyle. But how do you put it into practice? Often you know what a healthy lifestyle looks like. 

how to start a healthy lifestyle from scratch

But yes, knowing something is different than doing something. Only by putting that healthy lifestyle into practice will you experience its fine effects. In this article I am going to give you 10 tips about how to start a healthy lifestyle from scratch. I also tell you how to put these healthy things into practice. How convenient is that? 

The article is divided into 4 parts;

    1. The healthy effects of exercise
    2. Healthy eating 
    3. Healthy weight .
    4. The 10 additional tips for how you can start a  healthy lifestyle from scratch can be found at the end.

1. How to start a healthy lifestyle from scratch : The healthy effects of exercise

Man is made to move. In the millions of years of evolution, we have always moved greatly. Over the last 25 years, we have done so to a much lesser extent. You sit too much and too often. Partly because of this you see an increase in the trend of overweight and obesity.


Therefore, one of the most important tips for a healthy lifestyle is; Move! What is the importance of a healthy lifestyle and why is being fat so risky?

The importance of a healthy lifestyle is enormous. Overweight and obesity increase the risks of chronic conditions such as diabetes 2, certain types of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, osteoarthritis and even depression (source).

Think about how such chronic conditions affect the quality of your life. Being overweight even has negative consequences for your lifespan (source). You don’t want this, do you?

A healthy lifestyle is therefore recommended, not least because it can make you healthier. Research shows that a healthy lifestyle can add as much as 10 years (and more) to your life.

What does reality look like?

In recent times, I unfortunately see more and more people around me with such a chronic condition. It’s because I’m getting older and so are the people around me. Now I am 44 years old and I feel very healthy, fit and energetic.

But how many people do not take medication….? At my age….! The other day I spoke to a lady in her 35s. Her doctor had told her he didn’t want to prescribe her heavier medication to lower blood pressure. He advised her to lose weight and pursue a healthy lifestyle.

I think it’s a good idea. But I’m shocked that many of my peers seem to think it’s normal that they take medication for blood pressure, depression or sleeping pills to sleep! They’re not even 65+!!

Looks like it’s normal for people to take medication. So this isn’t it!

What about the quality of your life?

Especially people who start to get a bit old are often too fat. Being overweight visibly affects the quality of their lives. They just can’t play well with their grandchildren or a simple piece of cycling. How a shame is that?

Sufficient exercise has a preventive effect against obesity (source) and all kinds of chronic condition (source). More exercise is one of the most important tips for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Healthy lifestyle: so move. What type of movement?

Man is not actually made at all for cardio workouts or to run marathons. We’re made for moderately intensive exercise. This is like doing house chores, walking, cycling and gardening.

  • Moderately intensive exercise

Walking, shopping, gardening, cycling and the like are forms of moderately intensive exercise. This type of exercise is similar to the type of exercise of our primal parents. Especially walking is super effective (source) and easy to apply in your daily routine.

You burn between 250 and 350 calories per hour through this kind of exercise. Depending on your body weight, age and gender.

Not a lot of calories, you’d say. No, but the advantage of this kind of activity is that you can spread them throughout the day. You can also hold them for many hours in a row. You don’t get tired at all, and all the while your body burns a lot of extra calories with it.

Another advantage; You’re getting less fat!

You know what’s beautiful? To meet the energy needs, from forms of moderately intensive movement, your body appeals to the fat reserves. This form of movement is the ideal way to get rid of your body fat directly.

Therefore, make sure that you get at least 1 hour of moderately intensive exercise every day.

  • Strength

Another form of exercise is strength training. Strength training also fits perfectly into a healthy lifestyle. Through strength training, your muscles grow and the speed of your metabolism (source) increases. This effect goes hand in hand with the burning of body fat.

Your muscle mass consumes 10 times more energy daily, to sustain itself as the same amount of fat mass. Want to know more about speeding up your metabolism?

An increase in your muscle mass is one of the most important tips for a healthy lifestyle. Strength training may not sound so enticing. But it’s easy to do it at home.


  • Just do push ups, sit ups, squats, burpees and lunches.
  • Heavy lifting, to lighten up!


2. How to start a healthy lifestyle from scratch :: Healthy food

Healthy eating is essential and therefore one of the most important tips for a healthy lifestyle. Through healthy food, your body gets the right food and building materials, allowing it to function normally (source).



When you only eat junk food and all kinds of processed foods, deficits arise in your body. After all, you get less important building materials, minerals and vitamins. If a bricklayer has too few (building) stones to build a building with, or repair it, he can’t do his job, can he?

These deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and building materials are going to be irrevocably noticeable by quite a few mental and physical issues. Think of increasing your body weight and your fat reserves. Also, you will feel less fit and perhaps (almost certainly) even depressed and unhappy.

Due to shortages in good food and building materials, your brain, your organs, your muscles and your hormones function much less well. This can lead to obesity and depression. Very clumsy all of them.

Healthy food consists of sufficient proteins, complex carbohydrates, unsaturated fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Want to know more about healthy eating, life and a healthy weight? After all, you don’t want to get sick later in life, do you? The more you know about food the better, right?

3. How to start a healthy lifestyle from scratch :: Healthy weight

Why is ‘healthy weight’ among the 10 tips for a healthy lifestyle? That’s because being overweight increases the risks of chronic diseases (source). So when you are overweight, it is very advisable to lose some pounds.

Weight reduction, losing weight or reaching a healthy weight, goes by itself when you eat healthy food and start exercising more. Of course, it takes a bit of discipline and time. But what does that matter? The result may be there.

To help you follow the 10 tips for a healthy lifestyle below. Do you want to lose a lot of weight and don’t know where to start?

4. 10 additional tips for how you can start a  healthy lifestyle from scratch

I hope you can apply the tips below for a healthy lifestyle, because only then will you experience results. If we can’t apply the tips for a healthy lifestyle, we can make a call appointment. I’ll give you personal online dietary advice.

  1. Avoid sugar

This is one of the most important tips for a healthy lifestyle.

Sugar disrupts many processes in your body. For example, it lets you eat or drink more of something than you actually want. In short sugar makes you fat and sick (source). This also applies to artificial sugars and fructose (source).


Sugar exists in many apparitions and you can find it in countless products such as soft drinks, fruit juices from pack, candy, cake, fruit bars, sweetened dairy desserts, candy bars and processed cereal.

Sugar is added in many processed foods anyway. So you often get it unnoticed.

The average Dutch person eats 44 kilos of sugar per year (source). A kilo of sugar will provide you with more than 4,000 calories of energy, so on an annual basis you would generate 176,000 calories of energy for (44 x 4,000) = 176,000 calories.

An adult woman therefore receives about 25% of all her calories through sugar.

This huge number equals more than 23 kilograms extra kilograms, which you stick to your body. Is that scaremongering?

  1. Avoid single carbohydrates

Single carbohydrates are actually the same as sugar. Therefore, shuddling single (refined) carbohydrates is also one of the most important tips for a healthy lifestyle.

You will find simple or refined carbohydrates in white rice, white pasta, white bread, but also in brown bread from the supermarket.

What’s so bad about it? Single carbohydrates cause huge fluctuations in your blood sugar levels and in your insulin level (source). Usually, after eating refined carbohydrates, you will soon experience hunger again.

The result is that you often eat too much, get overweight and the rest you can fill in yourself. Replace these carbohydrates for complex carbohydrates. They do saturate, because there’s a lot of fiber in them. This is much better for your health and for your body weight .

You will find complex carbohydrates in amaranth, quinoa, couscous, corn rice, whole grain pasta, legumes, vegetables, fruits, wholegrain bread, spelt and sourdough bread.

  1. Less lean and sweetened dairy

Less (lean and sweetened) dairy is also an important tip for a healthy lifestyle, because people consume a lot of dairy. Many of these dairy products contain sugar. Just think of all desserts, drink yogurts and fruit yogurts.

Sweetened yogurt and dairy drinks that would improve your intestinal flora are nothing but clever marketing tricks to get you to buy that product. High milk consumption (supermarket suits) even increases the risk of bone fractures.

Semi-skimmed and processed dairy is really only healthy from an economic perspective. Leave it for what it is and get your calcium from fruits and vegetables. Or opt for whole dairy and raw milk.

Allergic to dairy?

About 30% of all people are allergic to dairy, usually without knowing it themselves. Your body is also not yet made to process dairy. Processed dairy is only found in our diet since we domesticated cows and other animals. That was about 5,000 years ago.

Although 5,000 years is a long time, it is evolutionarily deficient to get used to this new drink. We just can’t stand it yet. It’s a matter of drinking a few thousand years, or removing dairy from your menu.

What dairy is?

I myself choose whole cottage cheese and raw milk because there are still all the nutrients in it. Full-fat dairy is not related to obesity .

Want to know more about healthy living, eating healthily and feeling healthy? Daily choices determine how you feel, how much you weigh and whether you get sick.

  1. Avoid processed foods

In processed foods, sugar, fat (the wrong fats) and salt are almost always added. In addition, other additives such as E-numbers, preservatives and other synthetic substances are added. How else do you think cereals stay crunchy, or that croissants from the station restoration stay fresh for so long?

Of the 10 tips for a healthy lifestyle, this tip is not easy to implement. This is because about 80% of a supermarket range consists of this kind of industrial food.

Fortunately, in the vegetable department you will still find some healthy foods such as beans, capuchins, chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans, whole grain pasta, amaranth, quinoa, nuts and olive oil can also be found in the aisles.

Just beware, in those aisles you will also find chips, cakes, gingerbread, dairy products, frozen meals, soft drinks, canned sauces, fruit bars and processed cereal. A visit to the greengrocer, the baker and the butcher might be a better option.

  1. Eat less bread

Why would you eat less bread? First, because wheat, like dairy, is not eaten that long. Our bodies can’t handle it properly. But there’s another important reason. You get significantly less exercise every day than your grandmother did 40 years ago.

Bread is full of carbohydrates and chances are, you won’t use all of them. After all, you don’t get a lot of exercise every day. You store the excess calories as body fat.

healthy-lifestyle-Eat less-bread

Several people around me have been eating less bread for a few months now. In the afternoon they eat salad, lentils or something like that. They’ve lost quite a bit of weight.

  1. Build up your muscle mass

Just a little bit more because you’ve already read something about this. Sustainable weight reduction can be achieved by building muscle mass. Therefore, building muscle mass is also one of the important tips of a healthy lifestyle .

How do you get it done? Do some push-ups, abdominal exercises, walk up and down the stairs a few times or 3 times a week or buy some dumbbells. Simple, right?

2 kilos of muscle mass burns 200 calories daily to sustain itself. This contrasts with the 20 calories that body fat burns daily, to sustain itself. On an annual basis, it burns 2 kilos of muscle mass for 10 kilograms of body fat. Burn calories.

  1. Moderately intensive movement

You’ve already read something about this. Moderately intensive exercise is the body fat burner par excellence. When you walk for 1 hour, your body uses your fat reserves as an energy source.

So you’ll never see those 250 to 350 calories, which you’ll burn, especially if you follow the rest of these tips for a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Keep track of your progress

Now you come to a few mental tips for a healthy lifestyle. Tracking your progress encourages you to continue. Let’s say you’re aiming for a 10-pound weight reduction, write down your starting weight and record your progress weekly. You literally see your progress.

In addition, noting your progress, unconsciously also contributes to wanting to work harder for your goal.

  1. Do it together

When you start working together, you can motivate, compliment and stimulate each other. When you don’t feel like it anymore, your buddy talks you back and vice versa (source).

  1. Set yourself goals

You never achieve anything when you don’t set goals. Set yourself a goal and give yourself an occasional kick in the ass if necessary. Celebrate your successes when you’ve achieved a goal. 

So, what can you do with this?

Now you’ve got 10 tips for a healthy lifestyle. They seem simple, and they are. The difficulty lies in the consistent application of it. If I may give a tip, choose one of the 10 tips for a healthy lifestyle and apply it for 3 weeks. When you’re used to that one tip, choose another. That’s how you finish the whole line.

Finally, increasing your metabolism is also one of the most important tips for a healthy lifestyle. Because metabolism is such an important process.

Want to get more tips for a healthy lifestyle? Sign up for the monthly update, full of healthy info. Don’t miss it!


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