How to set achievable goals and targets for 2021
How to set achievable goals and targets for 2021

How to set achievable goals and targets for 2021

The start of 2021 of new year very exiting but before the year is out, it is important to take stock of what was done well and what remains to be improved in the new year.  For many this is a time to set goals for 2021.

While this year was very different from what we had all imagined, it has undoubtedly taught us a lot. We have learned things about ourselves that we did not know, we have seen a new face of society, the world, nature, the evolution of business and the nature of work.

Without a doubt our annual evaluation this year will be very different, however, the basis of how to do this review does not change much. I hope that all this that we will be carrying under our arms will help us to be better people and professionals in the year that will soon begin. 

Taking an evaluation of the year ending is the first step in preparing for a successful year ahead.

How to set achievable goals?

How to set achievable goals and targets for 2021
How to set achievable goals and targets for 2021

I do it in 4 steps. It’s not the only way to do it, it’s the one I’ve found works best for me. Take this as a guide, adapt it, change what you don’t like, but above all, do it honestly.

Why is it important to have goals before starting the year?

It is impossible to reach a goal if we have not set it. We have mentioned it before, people who do not have a plan, a life map of where they want to go, walk in circles without moving forward.

They run into the same problems over and over again and tend to blame luck. To be successful, at any level and in any activity, the first thing is to set goals.

What you do NOT have to do:

  • Promises that are broken after January 10.
  • Vague or not measurable goals.
  • A unreachable plan that you have to live with despite hating it.

You have to make an action plan based on what is important and realistic. We all want to be happier and earn more money. Therefore, the process requires that each objective be specific and measurable.

Of course, you can adjust later. It is your plan and you have to like it and work only for you.

The 4 steps to setting achievable goals in 2021

  1. Define the categories in which I want to work, improve and achieve goals.

For example: business, career, finance, fitness, professional relationships.

2. Establish 3 to 5 objectives for each category

For example: In my case, in the professional career category, I set myself the goal of joining a mastermind in the first quarter of the year, and taking at least 1 course each trimester on topics related to my projects or to polish certain skills .

It is very important to set goals that are achievable and measurable. In this case, it’s not just setting a goal to join the mastermind, but setting a deadline for doing so.

The same with the courses that I am going to take, I do not leave the time in which I am going to take them to chance, but I decide what time I will do them. The objectives in each category have to be set in the same way.

3. Determine all the actions that are needed to achieve each objective

In short, all the tasks you have to do to make things happen. It is very important to break each objective into as many actions as possible and to be very specific.

For example: you set a goal to run your first 5K race, but today you don’t run anything, the first thing to do is start walking 5 hours a week during the month of January, in February walk 2 hours and run 3 days 2 kilometres, and thus gradually increase until completing the final objective.

Tasks must be periodic, repetitive, and have a start and end date. If you feel that you need some motivation More about

4. Reminders and intermediate evaluations

How to set achievable goals and targets for 2021

Since we have the categories, objectives and actions that we have to complete, it is necessary to establish the actions on a calendar, as well as set review dates. I establish daily, weekly and monthly actions.

Also, I do midterm evaluations on the last Friday of every month, every fourth three. This allows me to easily see where I am according to plan, where I am behind and have to push, change strategy or direction and where I can even set a bigger goal than I had at the beginning of the year because I am ahead of what was expected.

A little secret that has worked very well for me is determining one topic per year

This helps make the entire goal setting exercise easier and more accurate. For example, year of learning, year of financial growth, or year of confirmation. Try that all your goals, regardless of the area, align with the theme of the year.

For example: if you decide that it is the year of financial growth, you can consider a goal to improve your physical condition, because that will allow you to be more productive and effective at work, facilitating your financial growth.

This complete exercise is not an easy task. Personally, it takes me several days, so ideally start in early or mid-December.

The idea is to create a plan for the year that begins, not a hard agenda far from reality and that will soon cause you stress and detest, but a general outline of what matters to you, where you want to improve and what you hope to achieve. A sincere plan, flexible but ambitious enough for you to move forward.

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