How To Have A Great Year 2021
How To Have A Great Year 2021

How To Have A Great Year 2021

Everyone one wants to have great year 2021 but most of us will not have it. I’ve never met someone who has a hesitant start to the new year in mind. If you listen to the purposes of most people , they are actually great planning for have good year and very attractive. And if we talk about the professional part, the objectives are usually  admirable.

Unfortunately, most people forget their resolutions before the start of the year celebrations are over. The problem, wherever you look at it, has nothing to do with a lack of will or imagination.

For me, the big problem is that people don’t know where to start, what to do and how to turn the things they are thinking into reality. It is very important, especially after a year as complex as the one we have just experienced , to  keep your feet on the ground,  focus on priorities  and  achieve the first objectives as soon as possible.

The secret is to keep things simple, not complicate ourselves at the beginning of the year and waste energy on things that are not important. Starting a new cycle  , or a year as in this case, always fills us with enthusiasm, charges us with  claw  and  naturally  puts us in a positive attitude .  

Take advantage of that momentum, start the year with all your might, achieve your first goals in the first days, fill your brain with dopamine and gain confidence to continue like this all year long. 

3 ways To Have A Great Year 2021

These 3 actions will give you everything to start 2021 with all to have a great year. Here are three ways.

1. Analyze What Happened in 2020 and Learn

I already know that everyone wants to forget 2020 and start 2021 in a fresh and renewed way. I know that last year was a challenge and that is why it cannot happen as if nothing happened.

Analyze What Happened in 2020 and Learn
Analyze What Happened in 2020 and Learn

What we have experienced cannot be forgotten, it has to be an endless source of learning, knowledge and inspiration.  

From the past we can learn what we did wrong, where we performed poorly, and how we can correct it. But not only that, the past also helps us remember moments where we shine, what we did well, how we feel and how to repeat that feeling more times in the present. 

Don’t make the mistake of forgetting 2020, analyze it carefully and learn from it the good and the bad. 

2. Set Gradual and Achievable Goals

This is the time to set big goals and devise a plan to achieve them in the long term. But the most important thing is to divide those goals into small steps that can be reached in a short time, get inspired and move on.

Set Gradual and Achievable Goals
Set Gradual and Achievable Goals

Set goals for the first 30 days of the month, they have to be achievable and a bit aggressive, force yourself to get out of your comfort zone and grow to achieve them.  

I assure you, if you have never exercised, you will not run your first marathon at the end of January. But if you put your mind to it and make adjustments to your routines, you can easily finish the first month of the year by running a kilometer and gradually increase the distance. 

The first quarter of the year is  critical , reaffirm your commitment, harvest intermediate goals every week and  fill yourself with confidence like a champion.

3. Choose  an Important Personal Purpose  That Defines The New Year

After what we have lived, it is natural to have a more deeply rooted social commitment. 2020 has reminded us that neither the good nor the bad in life is eternal, that true well-being is found within us and the relationships we have, and that serving and working as a team is the best way to nurture personal growth.

Choose  an Important Personal Purpose  That Defines The New Year
Choose an Important Personal Purpose That Defines The New Year

Surely 2021 will demand a lot from us, the first months will still be adjustments, there will be many people who need help and demand our solidarity. Having a purpose associated with people and aligning our work or business with it makes our commitment much stronger, it forces us to redouble our efforts because no one wants to fail whoever gave them their trust. 

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If the goals you have for 2021 no more are material and are obtained with money, chances are you ll e nes stress to the brim, but if your goals have to do with making  and help, I’m sure  you will  find more motivation as the days go by.  

Choose a purpose, contribute to your community, get closer to people and that your goals have many more to do with them, that surely makes you unstoppable. 


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