How To Get Rid Of Newborn Baby Gas Fast | Relief  Remedies | Infant Gas cause, Sign and Symptoms

How To Get Rid Of Newborn Baby Gas Fast | Relief Remedies | Infant Gas cause, Sign and Symptoms

Hey guys i’m dr. steve silvestro pediatrician. if you have a baby who is 3 or 4 weeks old you may have noticed that she started to seem very fussy and gassy might even seem like she’s been in a lot of pain lately and it can be really distressing for us as parents to watch this. 

How To Get Rid Of Newborn Baby Gas

I’m here to tell you fast and best relief remedies, infant gas signs and symptoms. Keep in mind fast that gas is a really common thing and for most babies this will pass so we’re gonna talk about why it happens and what you can do to comfort your baby feel better. 

so when I see babies who are newborns and are coming in for their very first visit at the pediatricians office, a lot of families say, he’s a great baby he only cries when he’s hungry or when he’s dirty in the back.

Why Is Your Baby Gassy?

Most babies as they approach 3 or 4 weeks of age they start to have a lot of tummy upset and they seem to be really really gassy and upset and this is because there are two things. 

The first is that your baby is now developing a lot of the normal bacteria in the gut that help to keep us healthy and help to digest food.

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When babies are first born there are very few of those bacteria there and the volume and variety of those good bacteria develop in the first several months of life. so as that bacteria in the gut changes you’re going to see that there will be changes in how your baby handles food,

how gassy he might be and later on even the color and the frequency and texture of the poops that come out.

The second thing is the bigger thing and that is that as your baby approaches one month of age, she’s gonna become a lot more awake and aware so she may be a week for an hour or an hour and a half in between all of her feedings.

So a lot different than it was when she was a newborn but becoming a lot more awake and aware means that your baby is going to be eating more vigorously crying more vigorously therefore swallowing a lot more air and creating more gas.

but also being more awake and aware means that he’s going to be noticing that gas a lot more. He’s gonna be paying a lot more attention to his own body. The problem is that the nervous system is still immature for the first two to three months of life.

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Signs and Symptoms Of a Gassy Baby ?

Understand The Infant Gas

Hi my name is Dr. Christy Rivers one of the pediatricians, Today I want to talk about something most new parents have to deal with infant gasps with their small tummies and frequent feedings it’s no wonder babies get gas this can be upsetting to a parent especially if you’re not sure that’s what’s really wrong with your baby. 

What does infant gas look like and what can you do about it? 

Signs and Symptoms Of a Gassy Baby

Believe it or not your baby can pass gas more than 20 times a day, for some babies gas really isn’t an issue they may turn red fuss a little and squirm around but after they pass the gas everything goes back to normal.  however for other babies they suffer a little bit more here are some common signs that your baby may be having difficulty with gas they are 

  • Crying or fussy 
  • Squirming 
  • Their tummy is hard to the touch 
  • Pulling their legs up 

These signs are especially common among newborns and babies a few months of age.

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that the most common cause of infant gas is related to feeding, after all babies can swallow a lot of air when they feed. if your baby is gassy and has some of the symptoms mentioned earlier.

Best Way To Get Rid of baby gas fast By Treating 

Hi I’m Dr. Sarah Connolly one of the pediatricians. Abdominal gas is a part of life from day one forward unfortunately for babies this gas can cause significant discomfort.

In fact, how to make a baby more comfortable when gas is present? is one of the most common questions I get as a pediatrician.

An infant’s job in the first few months of life is to eat and grow. Newborns eat nearly every two hours for the first several weeks of life  and infants up to 3 to 4 months of age eat every three to four hours round-the-clock.

all that eating and digesting and growing is a very dynamic process and is rarely calm and quiet. Many parents will note that they can hear the rumblings of their babies tummies all day long and all night long.

Nevertheless we want babies to be as comfortable as possible so when a parent or a family comes in complaining of gasps pain I do have a few suggestions:  

  1. Make Sure Your Baby Is feeding Correctly

First look closely at the latch on the breast or bottle babies often swallow air while feeding. So a latch that is not wide mouth enough or one that slips frequently off the breast or bottle can be contributing to gas.

  1. Monitor Your Own Dite

For breastfeeding parents sometimes it’s helpful to keep a log of what you’ve eaten. It’s possible that that healthy salad you had for lunch might be contributing to your baby’s gas. if you are gassy after eating certain foods your baby will be too so eat those good foods in moderation if you see that they are a problem.

  1. Help Your Baby To Pass Gas

Next burp frequently, in the beginning that might mean after every five minutes on the breast and after every half ounce if on the bottle in addition some baby seem to have a gassy ur time of day so consider taking them for a walk in the stroller during that time. The gentle rocking motion of the stroller may help work some of that gas down and out of their bodies, Of course you can give baby’s belly massages very gently or bicycle their legs.

  1. Try The windi

You might also want to try the windy young infants are unable to voluntarily control the muscles of their bottom meaning that passing gas happens accidentally and not on purpose as a result the gas can build up and the baby is unable to let it out.

The Windy is a hollow tube that was designed to gently slip past the anal muscles and into the bottom where the gas is trapped. The stopper on the Windy ensures that parents know when to stop the insertion. The Windy is gently inserted a very short distance into the bottom where it can allow trapped gas to escape through the tube and out of the body.

You’re going to try the Windy it’s important that you follow the directions exactly for more information on infant gas remember you can always search Bundy’s library at bundu a-to-z and you can ask a bundu professional a direct question and ask bundu

Preventing Baby Gas

You may want to check your feeding position. This can be true for both breastfed and bottle fed babies. First check to make sure your baby is getting a good latch on the nipple or the bottle. A poor latch can cause your baby to swallow extra air leading to gas. 

Preventing Baby Gas

Some parents will feed their baby with their baby in a lying position instead of raising their baby’s head so that the head is above the tummy. This allows the milk to flow down to the stomach and allows the gas to rise to the top finally be sure to burp your baby well. So that all the air pressure is relieved.

How do you comfort a Gassy baby?

When your newborn gassy for her it’s uncomfortable feeling turns the whole nervous system on. Your baby gets to be tense and tight in a red and angry there are a few things that you can do to help

How do you comfort a Gassy baby
  • Burp more frequently not just after a few but maybe even before or during a feeding.
  • Massage your baby’s belly in a clockwise direction.
  • Bicycle your baby’s legs to help some of that gas come out.
  • Feed your baby at an angle so the air goes up and the food stays down.

There are also drops you can find over the counter like gripe water and simethicone and they work sometimes.

The real fix to this is the more frustrating and annoying answer of time as your baby gets to be five six seven weeks old, then her nervous system is going to become a lot more used to it. That gas she’ll still be just as gassy you can hear her past guests from down the hall but she’s gonna be allowed to get more used to it and it’s not gonna bother her.

so while you’re waiting for her to get used to this gas and this discomfort in the meantime you can do those things to help her feel a little bit better but to help you feel better about all of this.

the most important thing is to know that this will get better for some babies, if they are still really in a lot of distress as they approach two months of age that is when some pediatricians may start to entertain the idea that your baby head has acid reflux and that’s a whole different conversation. 

so if your baby is going to be a month and a half Merkle three-quarters and still in a lot

of distress then go and talk to your doc about whether or not she may or may not have some reflex.

Admin: Hey Guys, My newborn son was so gassy after that i found this Relief Remedies really work for my son i hope it will work for your newborn baby!

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