4 Ways To Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

4 Ways To Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

How will you know that you are in your comfort zone? well, first you have to understand, what is comfort zone? comfort zone is directly linked to our habits and fears. It is a defense mechanism that prevents us from trying new things to keep ourselves in an environment that it considers safe.

It is a shield that aims to encapsulate you to prevent you from experiencing discomfort. In other words, it is our own defense mechanism to keep you safe.

But, paradoxically, far from protecting yourself, staying in your comfort zone makes you vulnerable, as it limits your capabilities and your vision of the future. A professional currently cannot afford this, as the job market and the world in general change minute by minute.

Despite being an organ, the brain behaves like a muscle: it grows based on the pressure applied to it. If you leave it in a state of rest for a long time – the equivalent of staying in your comfort zone – the only thing you are going to achieve is weaken it.

The same thing happens with your skills, if you do not constantly strive to place yourself in new, uncomfortable and even challenging situations, very soon your competitors will have overtaken you and getting at their level will require twice the effort.

How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone sounds strong and threatening, but it doesn’t have to be. If you gradually develop this habit, you will soon be looking for bigger challenges than you can imagine.

Here are some ideas to get out of your comfort zone.

1. Change your routines constantly

The basic principle of routines is to make things happen more automatically and efficiently. It is important to have a routine, but it is just as important to change it and adjust it as necessary, before you get used to the law of least effort. Our organs and abilities only grow when a little stress and resistance is applied to them.

Change your routines constantly

You need to force new and unfamiliar situations to stimulate your creativity and adaptability.

In your day-to-day, look at what work and personal things you do automatically, and which of them you could adjust to force yourself to find new ways of doing things. It is not about complicating life, but about choosing where we can stimulate the brain and mind within our daily lives.

When the routine becomes predictable, it makes it easier for your brain to work automatically and stop growing. You may be very efficient for a while, but you will be limiting your opportunities in a world that changes minute by minute.

2. Try something that scares you

In professional matters, what scares us is what has the most potential to make us grow. In a natural way we move away from situations in which we perceive some risk, nobody wants to put what they have won with so much effort at stake. But I assure you, a sign of fear is the most reliable indicator that you have to try.

Try something that scares you
Try something that scares you

If something gives you a feeling it is because it is relevant to you, otherwise it would go unnoticed. The worst thing you can do is ignore it. Approach with intelligence. Research, find out, learn and try it.

All the things that have marked us cause us respect from the outset: choosing a profession, buying a house, getting married, moving to another country, starting a business, quitting a job. Sure it is scary, but the cost of not having decided would have been very high.

It is impossible to beat fear, but through attempts we learn to control it. If you are afraid to speak in public, write a blog, question your superiors or any other professional thing, do not stop doing it , from today do it with everything and fear.

3. Delegate control of something you have done for a long time

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the story that “nobody can do it like me.” And unless you are the Michael Jordan of your office or business, I’m sure there are people who can do what you do, better, the same or almost the same as you.

Delegate control of something you have done for a long time
Delegate control of something you have done for a long time

Holding on to things that you have been doing for a long time is a tactic to avoid change, learn new things, and grow. A successful professional learns, masters and teaches his work.

It is your responsibility to pass on the knowledge and delegate to train new executives. Nobody does things the same way, let go of control a bit and don’t stress. With your supervision and guidance, the result has to be not the same but better.

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That puts you once again in a privileged position, now you have time to learn something new, more relevant and challenging.

4. Do little things like you don’t normally do

Don’t expect someone to ask you to do something differently to try it, surprise them and surprise yourself. Train your brain to quickly adapt to unexpected changes. Thus, when necessary, you will be two steps ahead of most.

Do little things like you don't normally do
Do little things like you don’t normally do

You can start by drinking unsweetened coffee, taking a cold bath, using the computer mouse with the opposite hand, watching captioned movies instead of dubbed, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Identify small tasks that you do mechanically and can change, the intention is to provoke your brain to be alert, ready to learn and adapt.


It is likely that at this moment you are doubting, that you do not give credit that it is actually that easy to get out of your comfort zone.

For me it’s that you’re used to it, that you do not want to go, that you do not want to try. Because getting out of your comfort zone has nothing to do with the difficulty of what you try, it has to do with your disposition and mentality.

Taking the first step is the most important thing, it is where most people get lost.

My question for you is if you belong to that majority or are you one of those who really want to succeed? Let me know in the comment section.



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