Go4schools | All You Need To Know About Go4schools

Go4schools | All You Need To Know About Go4schools

What is Go4schools? 

Go4schools is a great online data management system for schools where parents and students can login to see student achievement,activity with the much more detail such as: 

  • Real-time attainment information – marks and target grades for all subjects beginning to end of the year. 
  • Timetable – Students daily and weekly timetable 
  • Attendance – Student presence from the beginning of the academic year.
  • Behavior – Shown students productive and uncooperative behaviour including confinement.
  • Progress Reports – Every year 3 times schools will publish full written reports grades of the students and with supporting teacher comments, after parents receive the report data sheets will be replaced.



How does work?

  1. All current assessment data enter into the Go 4 schools database system by the  school staff.
  2. Parents and students can get access to the Go 4 schools database system to track their progress, see their timetable which i mention beginning of this article.
  3. After that it will show every single Detail about the student , a click of a button parent can see their children timetable attendance, behavior, improvement report.

If you want learn more about you can visit their website also you can check Shenley Brook End School website to Learn more about it.

How to create a Go4schools account ?

If you want to create Go4schools account, here is the step by step guide for You:

To create an account

  1. Go to Go 4 schools Website Home page and Click The parents icon on the right corner of the page.
  2. In the parents and guardian page Click the First Time User Link below in the sign in button.
  3. Provide your email address which you received from school.
  4. Click to Send me a new password button below.

After following these 4 steps you will get an email with a new password reset link open that link and follow the instruction.

How To Go4schools parents login ?

In order to get access to GO 4 Schools as a parents follow this step: 

To Go4schools parents login

  1. First open your browser tab 
  2. Go to the Go4schools.com 
  3. Click On Parent Login To Go 4 Schools button at the Top right side.
  4. Login Page will show you form, fill-up the Email Address  and Password box
  5. Next, you’ll see sing in button bottom of the form Click To Sign in

Or you can click this link to go to the Go 4 schools parents login page.


How TO Go4schools Student login ? 

For a Student login to his Go4schools profile to see his or her ongoing and recent homework task , progress report follow this step:

TO Go4schools Student login

  1. Go To the www.go4schools.com 
  2. Right corner on the top of the home page you’ll see icon name Student login to Go 4 Go4schools click on it.
  3. After that, the Student login page will appear, enter the email and password .
  4. Click on the Sign in Button

You can also use this link to go to the Go4schools student login page by clicking here.

How To Reset Go4schools password If you forgot?

If you forget your Go4schools password, here is step by step  guide to get a new password :

To Go4schools forgot password

  1. Go to the parent and guardian page.
  2. Below the first time user you will see the section Forgotten your Password Click on it.
  3. An Email Pop Up window will open , write your email address in the email box.
  4.  Click the Send password reset link Button in the bellow.
  5. Open your email account and click the password reset link then set your new password and click OK.


If you are still having trouble with the go4schools password reset, you should contact your child’s school to get a new password.

Go4schools App

One of the cool things about GO 4 Schools Mobile App is that it will keep you informed about your child’s everyday performance and their daily activity at the school but make sure that school has the subscription of Go4schools.

Go4schools Mobile App will allow you to see 
  • You can easily  see Daily and weekly timetables of your childs.
  • Look over the child’s homework set with the attached document link to the website.
  • Everyday Attendance Report not only that, at the end of the day you will get a total summary of your  child’s new homework task.

Check here to see Mobile App ParentGuide


 Go4schools app download

Here is link where you can download it, if you are a apple user don’t worry they have both version: 

  •  ios
  • android
  • Download  app for ios from the apple app store. 
  • Download for android  from the Google play store

Demo site

I’m sorry to tell you that Go4schools doesn’t have any demo site where you can test it before you subscribe to it but don’t worry they have a Free Demonstration option where you can send a  request for Demonstration of GO 4 Schools !

Go4schools support

If you are considering  to use Go 4 schools in your school visit their contact us page and fill up the required detail to send your messages or call them on their Support Number Dial: 01223 967 556

If you are a parent or student looking for help, Please contact with school for your help.

If you want to know more about Go 4 School please check this schools website to learn and understand

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Go 4 schools is one one of the great school improvement system, every school should subscribe to it for their improvement and it will lot easier for a parent to track his/her child’s activity at the school while he or she at the office without going to school. Parents can take a good decision for their children by analyzing their performance data.  



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