Motivation For Medical Students To Stay motivated
best motivation for medical students to stay motivated

Motivation For Medical Students To Stay motivated

Hey, everyone, this is Doctor Raga, I got this question quite a few times both on YouTube and as well through email, where some of you have asked me,

what you do to stay motivated and keep going or how to stay motivated in medical school.

How to stay motivated in medical school or even, a doctor?

so I’m assuming that you guys are asking me this with regards to being a medical student or even,

a doctor because obviously both in both these situations you do deal with stress and there are a lot of times where you don’t feel as motivated.

As you would like to and I feel this is a very important question because of even myself when I was in medical school,

There were several moments or situations where I felt so down and I was not feeling motivated at all.

And that was a big problem because when you have so much to study and you constantly have an exam after exam

Motivation is what keeps you going and makes you continue to do well and try to focus on your studies and try to do your best in the exams.

When you don’t even have that motivation it can be quite difficult for a medical student or even a doctor.

There are a few things that I used to do when I was in medical school and I still do some of them today when I am stressed and I feel like, I’m not motivated.

These are just small things that I used to do to keep myself motivated and keep myself going.

The first thing is,

When I was in medical school and even today I always set short-term goals. When I say short-term goal I mean,

a goal that is in the near future and very quickly achievable rather than a long-term goal that will take years to achieve.

Because I feel that that would make me more driven and more passionate about achieving that short-term goal rather than talking about years down the line.

For example, if you’re a third-year medical student don’t keep your next goal as I want to be an upper GI surgeon,

so you’re thinking about fellowship which is way in the future so many years down the line.

So that is a long-term goal, and I feel if you have such a long-term goal you will not be as driven and as motivated to achieve that,

Because in your mind you know that that is way in the future and there’s a long way to go for that, and you won’t be able to stay focused.

However, if you’re a third-year medical student, and the next goal that you’ve set in your mind is, I need to ace my third-year end of your exams.

That is now a goal that you know it’s going to happen very soon, and something that you can achieve in the near future and for that reason, you will be very motivated and driven to achieve that.

Because you know that’s going to happen very soon and that’s what I have always done and that’s even what I do today.

I think of the very near future, and I set my goals very close to where I am today and in the end,

when you keep achieving these short-term goals, one after the other then you will reach your final and goal or your final dream.

which is to be whatever kind of doctor surgeon whatever is on your mind that was one of the ways that I kept myself motivated and driven.

The second way that,

I kept myself a beat and motivated was my family, now family plays a very important role for, you when especially when you’re in medical school or a very stressful career,

It’s very important to have your family support. I’m very glad that I had and I still have a very supportive family that has always been behind me 100% with everything that I’ve done.

Even when I was in medical school and there were times, where I was so um down, and I didn’t feel that motivation and I was looking for that kind of motivation.

I was upset about something that made me sort of depressed in a way, I would just give my family a call whether it was my sister who I’m very close to.

or one of my parents and just talked to them and they always had something to say to me, that made me take my mind off,

whatever I was worried about or upset about, that make me look at the end picture,

And make remind me about, what I’m doing this for and what the benefits are going to be that really helped me.

The third way that,

You can de-stress and try to stay motivated, in the way is to pick up a hobby that you may have not been able to do when you’re in medical school.

As a doctor so for example, when I was preparing for my final MD exams I remember,

I was about five days away from my exam and I was so stressed and I felt like I was so stressed and wound up that I could not even concentrate on what I was studying.

I was not able to get in the information because I was just so worked up and I knew that I had to do something to take my mind off of the stress.

The studies for just a little bit and do something fun before I get back to studying because I knew that was not effective studying.

So what I did was I took up a hobby that I had stopped doing for some reason since grade school which was drawing just normal pencil drawings that I used to do in grade school.

I picked that up and I picked up a canvas and a pencil and I started drawing a portrait of random child and I really I took about one hour to do finish.

The whole portrait and I was so distressed by the end of it and I was so happy and I felt like I am pumped and ready to continue with my studying and I realized that that was a great way for me to de-stress.

Now it does not have to be drawing for you guys, it can be anything that you guys like.

it can be a sport, it can be playing an instrument it can be whatever you guys fancy or whatever you guys find similar to a hobby or something that you just enjoy doing.

That really helped me, and I’m sure it will help you as well, when you’re really close to exams and you find yourself really stressed and,

you just need to take your mind off it, to stay motivated and stay driven.

motivation for medical students to-stay motivated image

Another way which might seem like a very silly way, that I dealt with my stress a to stay on track and stay stress-free was,

I used to play with my Rubik’s Cube now I don’t have my Rubik’s Cube next to me right now, but I have a Rubik’s Cube which I kind of learned to solve.

I think about five-six years ago I feel there was such a good exercise from my mind that I felt,

once I was done playing with a Rubik’s Cube for a while I would feel much more relaxed and much more ready to study or do anything that seems stressful at the time.

So I’m not saying that you guys have to go learn to solve the Rubik’s Cube, you don’t even need to know how to play the Rubik’s Cube but you can just try it out, to see how trying to think about,

How to solve the Rubik’s cube itself is a very big stress reliever and it just makes you feel less stressed and more on track.

Another thing that helped me de-stress and unwind was music.

Music was and still is a very important component of my life and when I was in medical school, I felt like I was so stressed.

That time listening to music for some time would just help me relax and focus on nothing but the music that I’m listening to that I can later better focus on my studies and have a clearer mind when I get back to preparing for my exams.

For example, there were many of my friends, who had a very amazing ability to listen to music as they were studying,

That was something that I was so envious about because I was just not able to ever do that I could not study concentrate on my work.

If I was listening to music at the same time because that would just simply distract me.

so I don’t know if any of you have the same thing, where you just need music or headphones in your ears when you’re studying but that was just something that I just couldn’t do I tried.

but I just thought wasn’t my thing but I did listen to music a lot every single day before going to bed usually or in the mornings when I was getting ready for my classes.

That’s when I take the time to listen to some great music which was my favorite music and that really helped me.

The last and the final way with,

which I really tried to stay motivated was, YouTube videos now I know at that time obviously, I hadn’t started making videos yet.

but I used to go on YouTube and try to find videos similar to this about other medical students or other doctors who were talking about how stressed they were or still are and how they try to cope with it and how they try to still move on.

That used to give me a sense of relief not just because I used to get tips on how to deal with this kind of stress and stay motivated,

but I also used to realize that I’m not the only one facing these hurdles in this field.

That there are many other medical students and doctors out there who are facing the same exact thing that I’m facing and moreover.

When you hear success stories like that, where they talk about going through such horrible times but still reaching a very successful point in their lives that really motivates you and pushes you forward.

Because you know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, these were just some of my small ways by which I used to try to de-stress and unwind.

and try to stay motivated and on track both during medical school even, today after I’ve graduated.

I hope that you guys can relate to some of these, and maybe some of my methods will also help you guys to deal with stress and stay motivated.

Thank you Doctor Roga for her important speech, the motivation for medical students to stay motivated.

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